Share Market Course – Basic to Advance Technical Analysis Study

20 Sep

Share Market Course – Basic to Advance Technical Analysis Study

On demand, we have designed a share market course containing basic to advance Technical Analysis Study. Learning is extremely important to our survival in the world. The More We Learn, The More We Earn which helps to improve our standard of living in all ways. To be a successful investor or trader, first of all we have to gain basic knowledge, information, fundamentals, instruments of the share market. Learning is very essential and a continuous process required in the share market. Every day in the stock market is unique due to changing geopolitical, national, international political and business activities/policies. It is always better to take decisions on your own while investing or trading in the stock market. So we have to analyze price trend / price direction volume to make the right investment / trading decision for handsome returns. Technical analysis is a methodology to find out the price trend of the stock and get the proper entry level and exit level. Learning and developing the art of Technical Analysis will surely enhance your profitability and stop you from taking random trades, committing silly investment mistakes. With the help of technical analysis study we can make proper decisions about When to enter the market, Which stock to buy and at what price, When to book profit , Which stock to get out from so as to minimize loss.

We have considered all these things while designing a course which can be turnout to a life changing programme for you. Fresher to Experience person, anyone can go for this course. This course starts from the basic, base of stock market i.e. understanding of the Indian stock markets, Differentiate between NSE and BSE, How does the stock market works, types of order, how to place order, different ways of technical analysis study, proper trading setup and scanner. Also we have kept the price very much affordable with special discount offers so that it will help to create awareness about the importance/needs/benefits of Technical Analysis, To grow confidence among beginners for making trading decisions on their own.

Very important thing : It is not very hard to learn fundamentals, rules, limitations, working criteria of available trading platforms like Futures, Options, Commodity, Currency. The important and essential part is to find out the price trend and price reversal patterns. Once you become a master in analyzing the price trend of the stock/index then you turn out to be a successful trader/investor at every trading platform.

Course Duration – Video Series of 10 Parts – Total duration of two and half hours (You will get the Video series link), Language – Hindi

Course Subscription : Rs. 2,999/- per person

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